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Wonder4Dogs 300mg CBD

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Our exclusive Wonder4Dogs Daily 300mg CBD Supplement is the ideal blending of our organically grown CBD-rich Full Spectrum whole plant Cannabis extract oil and Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil. Providing the health, wellness and nutritional properties of both oils in one, dispensed from an easy-to-measure graduated dropper, our formula provides the health benefits your pet deserves, consistently and reliably. All-natural ingredients with NO artificial colors or flavors.

Available in a 30ml/1oz tincture bottle with graduated dropper and retail box.

See full test reports here: https://wonder4dogs.com/test-reports/


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2 reviews for Wonder4Dogs 300mg CBD

  1. Sybl Saisselin

    This product along with a western herbal relaxation formula is responsible for keeping my aging papillon with dementia oriented and nearly anxiety-free. Every day, 2x a day on his food. Easy peesy lemon squeezie.

    • wcdadmin

      Thanks for your review!


    Amazing!!!! I have 4 fur babies, one 15 year old husky lab mix who struggles with arthritis, hip issues and cataracts, one 20 year old chihuahua who is blind and loosing slight hearing which causes some anxiety, a 10 year old chihuahua with teeth issues and severe anxiety from her tramatic life before her rescue and last but not least a 3 year old chi-weenie who is very high strung. I was given wonder4dogs to see if it would help my 15 yr old since he struggles the most. I gave it to him that night and again the next morning. When i got home for lunch, i started crying because it was the first time in a few years that he was moving better and his ears were perked up like when he was a puppy. To see even a slight difference was a miracle to me. To be able to give him some comfort and a little more mobility back was amazing!!! Because of this reaction i decided to give it to the other 3 as well and i was met with more awesome results. The 20 year old was less anxious the 10 year old was more relaxed and not struggling with severe anxiety any more and the 3 year old had calmed down and went to sleep easier that night. It also aparently tastes good to them because they have no issues with me just squirting it into their mouths.This is truly a miracle oil for my babies and i cant thank you enough for producing this product and sharing it to see if it could provide some relief for my 15 yr old. I recommend this for all dogs with or without health issues, (physical or mental) because its literally a miracle oil and they will benefit from it no matter what!!!! 🐶❤🐾

    • wcdadmin

      Thanks for your review!

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