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2017 ‘ESPN X-Games’ Gold Medal Winner Endorses Cannabis & Hemp Company

2017 ESPN X-Games Gold medal winner Slammin’ Sammy Halbert, set a new standard in sports sponsorships, by endorsing an emerging USA based CBD company. He becomes the first major sports athlete who endorses and is sponsored by a CBD company.

After winning a gold medal in last months Summer ESPN X-Games competition in the motorcycle flat-track event, Sammy Halbert thanked all his sponsors and his brother after winning the event in record time. Halbert thanked California based WonderCBD, a leading innovator in the CBD industry.

Team WonderCBD racer Halbert won the event while riding his 750cc customized Harley Davidson motorcycle on global television, which was also streamed to millions of viewers over the internet.

Halbert, seen below after winning the event, was very emotional after riding to victory with tag #69, in honor of his deceased brother, who was injured and later died as a result in head injuries suffered in a racing incident. It seemed like it was divine intervention and grit that Halbert was meant to win the gold medal. It was amazing to witness.